Android to get premium quality games from Sony

One of the biggest complaints from Android users right now is the lack of games available, and that’s one thing Sony is looking to address following an announcement overnight.

Sony Computer Entertainment is launching a licensing program for manufacturers of Android phones called “PlayStation Certified”, a move that should yield a selection of phones that will be able to play “PlayStation quality” games.

When Sony says “PlayStation quality,” they mean it, with titles being ported from the original PlayStation to be playable on Android devices.

Sony tells us that the latest version of Android (2.3, Gingerbread) will be a requirement, and while hardware gaming controls are obviously desired, it will be compatible with devices missing that feature.

Sorry iPhone users, but you’re unlikely to be included in this bunch. Besides, you already have a good selection of quality titles at your disposal.

Still no official word on a “PlayStation Phone”, but with Mobile World Congress just around the corner in Barcelona, we imagine it can’t be too long before Sony gives up the goods and shows us what’s up its sleeve.