Android users to get their own “Siri” virtual assistant in “Iris”

Got a taste for Apple’s virtual assistant but don’t want to grab an Apple iPhone 4S? You’re in luck, as a team of Android developers are working on one right now.

Programmed quickly by a team of developers at, “Iris” is more or less an experiment to create an Android clone of Apple’s “Siri” (get the name?), with the program allowing you to ask it questions using the microphone and having answers spoken back to you while the text is displayed.

Much like Siri, you can ask questions about history, words, mathematics, and much more, with information being dug up from Wikipedia and spoken back to you.

Iris can be very hit and miss, sometimes yielding successful answers derived from Wikipedia (left) while falling flat on others (right).

The project is nowhere near as capable as Siri and is very slow to function in this early stage of development. Questions often won’t compute and Iris won’t yet search businesses, but it’s still a very impressive project and an excellent starting point.

We have no idea when or if Dexetra plans on releasing this app into the Android Market, but we hope it’s soon.