Annoying screen protector bubbles might be a thing of the past

Belink Screenforce Pro Application System - no screen protector bubbles

Screen protectors: they offer peace of mind and an extra layer of protection to your phone. However, the stress and fury caused by trying to avoid screen protector bubbles when applying the protective layer are unmatched by any other tech accessory.

Fortunately, a new in-store solution may cure what ails us.

Screen protector bubbles no more

Although modern phones are made of pretty sturdy stuff, screen protectors still have their place. For the clumsy and accident-prone among us (myself included), it’s nice to know there’s an extra bit of material between the pavement and our thousand-dollar phones. To help eliminate the frustrating task of applying a thin strip of tempered glass to a small device, Belkin has teamed up with some local retailers with a solution: the Screenforce Pro Application System.

Instead of manually fiddling with a protector – risking fingerprints, dust, misalignment, and screen protector bubbles – the specialised mechanism streamlines the process. Available at JB Hi-Fi and Optus stores throughout Australia, the Screenforce Pro Application System lets retail assistants apply purchased Belkin screen protectors to your phone swiftly and without stress. And with a lot less swearing, no doubt.

Belkin shared a video ahead of the system’s local rollout demonstrating how it works, and it’s extremely satisfying to watch. The mechanism includes several tools to remove any pre-existing protector, dust and grit from your phone. It then clips the phone into place, providing several alignment points to effortlessly put things into place – sans screen protector bubbles.

If you can’t make it into a store, Belkin also includes an “easy align tray” with purchased screen protectors as part of its recyclable packaging. This lets you apply protectors at home and nail the alignment with minimal fuss.

I’ve certainly ruined multiple screen protectors over the years, trying to align them correctly and without trapping gunk underneath them. It’s not a fun process, let me tell you. Next time I need to put a screen protector on, I’m going straight to the store and skipping the hassle.

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