Apple aims to help battle disease

In addition to a new MacBook and Apple Watch details, Tim Cook also announced a new ‘two-way’ health diagnostics platform called ‘Research Kit’ at the Apple ‘Spring Forward’ launch in San Francisco.

Designed to enlist the world to help battle disease, the Research Kit enables a type of ‘distributed computing’ or a globally shared cloud service where people can use their iPhones to take simple tests and share their information to global research bodies.

The test can be as simple as recording your voice or a ‘tap’ test.

A range of research and educational organisations including Oxford University and Stanford Medicine are participating to fight Diabetes, Parkinson’s disease, cardio vascular disease, asthma and breast cancer.

Research and medical institutions at launch.
Research and medical institutions at launch.

You can decide to keep your data private, or join in the fight by sharing your results with research bodies.

Apple’s Research Kit will be open source, inviting developers world-wide to participate, and released next month with 5 different research apps available on launch.