Apple announcement coming March 22 in Australia

Rumours have been swirling for a new iPhone, a new iPad, and possibly a new computer or two from the Apple camp, and come March 22 in Australia, we should know what’s going on.

That’s what the news is from Apple, which has sent out invitations with the phrase “Let us loop you in” on a mosaic of the Apple logo with rose gold, a bronze colour, and your typical assortments of silver and space grey.

This colouring as well as the ramping up of rumours suggests this launch won’t actually be for a new iPhone flagship model — no iPhone 7 here, people, that’d be too early and you can expect September for that — but rather a replacement to the iPhone 5C and possibly even iPhone 5S, with a more budget-focused iPhone made from a similar metal body as the 5S, but possibly curved slightly to gel with the other Apple phones.

If made from metal, we could see colouring similar to the iPhone 6S, with silver and grey and gold and rose gold, except with a smaller screen, lower specs, and a price point better for budgets, as you do.

Is an iPhone 5C replacement on the cards? 

News of a possible iPad replacement has been spoken of for a while now, and the iPad Air 2 is overdue for an update, since it was initially announced in October of 2014.

Since that release, we’ve seen a larger and more graphic artist friendly iPad called the iPad Pro, and Apple is expected to release a new variant of the Air (or a smaller Pro) with some of the features that were new and unusual to the iPad Pro, including four speakers and a magnetic keyboard dock on one of the edges.

Finally, there’s a distinct possibility we’ll see a new MacBook and possibly even a new MacBook Air or Pro at the launch.


This time last year, Apple announced the super-slim MacBook, and that makes this computer a year old, giving it perfect timing for a new model with improvements to the keyboard and internals, with that last part expected with a more recent incarnation of Intel’s Core M processors.

At the same time, the MacBook Air and MacBook Pro both received an update, and give that there has been a major Intel processor change in the time since, we anticipate product refreshes for each can’t be too far behind.

We’ll know for sure, though, come Tuesday, March 22 when Apple announces something new on March 21 in the US.