Apple announces iOS 5 for iPad, iPhone, iPod Touch

Owners of Apple’s iPad, iPhone, and iPod Touch rejoice: the next generation of Apple’s mobile operating system has been announced, with “more than 200 new features” set to arrive in iOS within the next few months.

Unveiled at Apple’s Worldwide Developer Conference this week, Apple’s update brings upgrades to Apple staples such as Safari, Mail, and Calendar, while introducing new features like Reminders and in-built Twitter integration with iOS.

“PC Free” is one new feature that’s sure to impress both first-time and current users of the Apple range of mobile devices, literally taking the PC out of the user experience. With wireless syncing and the ability to set up a new device without even plugging it into your computer, Apple looks to finally be cutting the computer out of the equation.

iPhone users can now take a photo using the volume up button.

The camera found on the iPhone looks to be getting an upgrade too – albeit a simple one – enabling users to take photos by clicking the volume up button as if it were the shutter on a compact camera. It’s also easier to start up the camera now, with a button being introduced in iOS 5 letting you open the camera directly from the unlock screen.

And are you the sort that gets a lot of messages or has a ton of appointments? Apple appears to be taking a page out of Android’s design with a swipe-down notification system similar to what’s found on Android phones and tablets.

The new update is free and will be arriving in Spring, so expect your iPad, iPhone, or iPod Touch to inform you about the update in a few months. Sadly, if you’ve got an iPhone 3G or iPod Touch second generation of below, Apple won’t be bringing this update your way.