Apple announces the iPad 2

Apple has launched the next generation of its hugely successful iPad tablet computer. Is it everything you hoped it would be?

We’ve got all the news on the iPad 2, including what’s changed, how much we think it will cost, and an exclusive hands-on video from the GadgetGuy at the launch in San Francisco.


Apple launches the iPad 2: faster, lighter, thinner

Apple has announced the follow-up for the iPad, announcing a model that brings speed increases and a new design, slaying quite a few of the hoped-for features as were rumoured.


GadgetGuy’s Peter Blasina goes hands-on with the iPad 2 in San Francisco

Today may as well be called “Day of the iPad”, with loads of news items devoted to Apple’s latest product. Our very own GadgetGuy was at the launch this morning, and we’ve got a video to prove of it.


Helping you decide: buy an iPad today or an iPad 2 on March 25?

One of the more surprising parts of the iPad announcement this morning wasn’t actually announced, and that was a new lower price for Australians. So should you buy the less-expensive old iPad, or wait a couple of weeks for the new one?