Apple blocked $2.7 billion in App Store fraud last year

Apple Fraud prevention report 2023
Image: Apple.

If you thought the amount of scams around today was bad, just think it could’ve been worse. More than US$1.8 billion (roughly AU$2.7 billion) in potentially fraudulent transactions were blocked on the App Store in 2023 alone, according to Apple.

Between 2020 and 2023, that figure totalled a mammoth US$7 billion. Try to wrap your head around that astronomical amount of money.

Like many scams out there, various underhanded techniques were used to try and deceive App Store users. In 2023 alone, Apple rejected more than 1.7 million apps as part of its review submission process. This process involves a team of more than 500 people who check well over 100,000 apps every week, checking for potentially harmful software.

Apple App Store fraud prevention report 2023 payment
Image: Apple.

Apple’s report describes some of these apps as initially appearing harmless, only to then change into “pirate movie streaming platforms, illegal gambling apps, or fraudulent and predatory loan issuers”.

As for the referenced dollar figure, Apple mentioned some of its other preventative measures. The company claimed that it stopped more than 3.5 million stolen credit cards from being used. Additionally, it banned over a million accounts from making transactions in the future.

Part of this was thanks to Apple Pay, the company’s secure payment technology. Card details aren’t stored on cloud servers, nor are they shared with developers when making a purchase. Which, considering you can pay by tapping iPhones together, is reassuring.

Apple App Store fraud report 2023 app review
Image: Apple.

The sheer amount of work that goes into scam and fraud protection is fascinating and worth reading about. It even involves processing user reviews, with Apple removing 152 million fraudulent ratings in 2023.

Of course, it’s important to be diligent when downloading apps and buying things online. If you do come across anything suspicious on the App Store, you can use the Report a Problem tool to get assistance.

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