Apple celebrates five years of apps, we remember the App Store before it was big

We’re about to come up to the seventh Apple iPhone release, but before we do, it’s time to celebrate another anniversary, and that’s of the App Store, which is now five years old.

Launched in 2008 for the second iPhone, called the “3G,” Apple’s App Store started off with merely 500 apps, a small number which obviously pales in comparison to the 90o,000 available today, but it’s worth noting that Apple’s online micro app marketplace wasn’t even available in the first generation of the iPhone.

The first generation, which featured a metal casing and a recessed earphone jack that was removed from subsequent models, didn’t have an online application store, unless you chose to jailbreak it and install applications made by fans and developers.

It wasn’t until a year later that Apple created its online marketplace and gave users access.

Infinity Blade 2, free for the moment on the App Store.

Five years later, Apple is celebrating the anniversary of the App Store with a variety of free apps that have done well over the years, picking five apps and five games that you can get as a sort of anniversary present.

Included in this list is Traktor’s DJ app for the iPhone, an assortment of recipes in “How To Cook Everything,” and a guide to the world around you in “Barefoot World Atlas.”

Gamers meanwhile can find a few titles to play around with that they might not have spent some cash on yet, including the retrolicious adventure “Superbrothers: Sword and Sworcery” and the action packed title “Infinity Blade II.”

We’ve linked to the titles below, but grab them while you can, as we’re not sure how long Apple will keep the prices down at, well, nothing.

Traktor DJ for the iPhone