Apple event announced for April 20 – what will be revealed?

apple spring invite artwork

Apple has just sent out official invitations for its next event, dated April 20 at 10AM Pacific Daylight Time. Here in Australia, it will be at 3AM on the 21st.

Previously, clues about what might be announced are revealed in the design and title of Apple’s official invitations. This one is called ‘Spring Loaded’ and has a colourful ‘finger painted’ squiggle forming the shape of an Apple. The squiggle could indicate a touch-based product, and falls in line with rumours that a new iPad Pro will take centre stage. The updated iPad Pro may feature a cutting-edge Micro-LED display and be powered by the M1 chip, which is only currently used in MacBooks.

Apple rumours abound

According to the rumours, we may see Apple’s AirTags announced at the event. These Bluetooth tracking tags attach to your belongings and can be located using the freshly updated ‘Find My’ app. As the Find My app now allows third party products, this may be preparation for Apple’s own AirTags. The latest trackable products include Belkin earbuds, Chipolo item tags and VanMoof electric bikes.

Also in the wings could be a new Apple TV, only this time it will have the horsepower for a new generation of games via Apple Arcade subscription service. Many are also waiting with baited breath to hear about the next Apple chip iteration after the launch of the M1. Perhaps an M1X or even M2 could be revealed along with a new iMac, however this is doubtful.

A glimpse of iOS 15 is normally revealed in early June at Apple’s World Wide Developer’s Conference (WWDC). The next batch of iPhones will likely appear at the end of August and in shops by mid-September.

GadgetGuy will be covering the event, so keep watch here where all will be revealed. For more Apple news on GadgetGuy, click here.