Keen to see what Apple has in store for the whole smartwatch game, and how much it will cost to have one on your wrist? We’ll know more on March 10 (AU time), as Apple tells the world that it’s about to have an event on.

Emails have gone out and a live webcast page has been setup on Apple’s website informing the world that it will be showing off something to the world on March 9 at 10 am Pacific time, which translates to 4 am in Sydney March 10.

Going on what we know right now, the expected information Apple will be presenting will be on its Watch, the smartwatch first officially shown to the world in September of last year.

We’ve heard for a while that a release date of April is expected, and given that Apple said it would likely be out “early 2015”, March and April is about the last the company can claim before we start hitting that whole “mid 2015” thing instead.


But we don’t expect that will be all that’s coming.

Now that Intel’s latest chip generation is out and inside computers that Apple’s MacBook Air competes against, we suspect we’ll see a slight refresh of the MBA at this event. It could be a minor bump with just a replacement of the processor technology, an update that could end up providing a fan-less ultra-thin laptop.

Or it could be something bigger.