Apple event on: next iPhone to be announced next week

Alright iPhone owners, it’s time to see what Apple has in store for you next, with the company announcing that an event is taking place on September 10 in America, confirming what rumours had long suspected.

Apple is known for being playful with its invitations, and this one is no different, appearing with colourful circles and the words “this should brighten everyone’s day.”

Current rumours for the next iPhone announcement suggest two models are on the horizon, with an upgraded iPhone 5 with a better camera, better processor, and the possibility of a new higher grade screen, while the second iPhone is likely to be a budget model that will let Apple compete better against the amount of budget smartphones out there.

The colour circles could suggest more colours for the iPhone, something that has been suggested would be coming, and it could even point out a newer brighter screen, which too has been rumoured.

If screens are expected, though, there is also the possibility of a new screen for a new Mac.

We’ll know next week, and we might even have someone on the ground live in San Francisco when Apple announces just what’s happening.