Final Cut Pro and Logic Pro get big updates for iPad

Final Cut Pro iPad 2 update

Hardware doesn’t count for much if there’s no good software to take advantage of it. Coinciding with the new iPad Pro and iPad Air launch, Apple also announced major updates to its Final Cut Pro and Logic Pro editing apps. Between AI-driven features and support for more cameras, the changes add more flexibility to creators.

Final Cut Pro for iPad 2 update

Starting with Apple’s video editing software, the 2.0 Final Cut Pro for iPad update adds a lot of professional-grade features. Plus, rendering is said to be twice as fast thanks to the new M4 chip in the iPad Pro.

Following the update, you can pair with up to four iPads or iPhones to view their cameras via Live Multicam. Made possible by a new Final Cut Camera app, you can then use Final Cut Pro as the central control hub. From here, you can adjust each camera’s exposure, focus, and zoom levels all from the main iPad.

It’s also easier to manage storage for multiple projects, with the app update adding external project support. It lets you work on projects saved to an external storage device, freeing up an iPad’s internal storage.

Plus, the Final Cut Pro update supports the new Apple Pencil Pro replete with gyroscopic sensing and squeeze-based controls. So, it’s more precise and quicker to access different tools.

Macs also get a new Final Cut Pro version, making it easier to adjust brightness and contrast levels. Smooth Slo-Mo also adds the ability to generate additional frames, even with footage not shot on a high-speed camera. Text-based timeline search is another nice addition, streamlining the process of finding specific footage.

There’s no specific date for the update yet, which is due out “later this year” alongside the Final Cut Camera app.

Logic Pro for iPad 2 update

As claimed by Apple, the major Logic Pro update is “powered by artificial intelligence” including Session Players, an AI backing band that responds to your input. In addition to automatically generated drums, Logic Pro now has a virtual bass player and a virtual keyboard player to accompany your music-making.

Apple Logic Pro iPad 2 update
Between the Logic Pro and Final Cut Pro updates, media editing just got a big boost on iPad and Mac. Image: supplied.

Another AI feature comes in the form of Stem Splitter. This enables you to separate mixed audio into different tracks automatically. Categorised into drums, bass, vocals, and “other instruments”, you can then edit each track independently or rework the entire mix.

Rounding out the AI inclusions is ChromaGlow, a tone-adjustment feature that adds another layer of control. These features are coming with the Logic Pro update on iPads and Macs on 14 May.

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