Apple Find My app becomes the finder of all your lost things

Apple Find My app

The Apple Find My app is no longer limited to finding lost iThings. Apple is expanding its Find My App network to third-party device manufacturers, so you can locate other lost items using your iPhone, iPad, iPod touch or Mac.

Starting as Find My iPhone back in 2010, the Apple Find My app (Apple site here) can be a lifesaver when you’ve misplaced an Apple gadget. It displays the device’s last known location on a map. Your device can play a sound, so it’s easy to find if it’s hidden around the house.

Apple Find My App keeps your data safe

Apple’s Find My app lets you choose what to do with a lost device.

If you can’t find your device, you can remotely switch the device into Lost Mode. This immediately locks it and displays a message contact number. You can also remotely wipe all your data from the device, which is important if it’s fallen into the wrong hands.

The Find My app network doesn’t just rely on GPS satellites to find lost devices. It also takes advantage of the crowdsourced network of hundreds of millions of Apple devices. It uses Bluetooth to detect nearby items and report their approximate location back to the owner.

You don’t need to worry about your privacy. The connections between devices are encrypted and anonymous, so not even Apple can see your device’s location or sensitive information.

Along with finding lost items, the Find My app can also show your friends’ real-time location if they’re prepared to share that information with you.

Works with more devices

Apple is expanding the Find My app network to work with non-Apple devices. All third-party products must still follow all of Apple’s privacy rules.

The first Australian compatible third-party device will be Belkin’s SOUNDFORM Freedom True Wireless Earbuds. The Chipolo ONE Spot item finder can attach to any object. Compatible products feature a “Works with Apple Find My” badge. Add them via the new Items tab in the Apple Find My app. Support for more devices will come. The Find My App network accessory program is open to any accessory maker as part of the Made for iPhone (MFi) program.

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Apple’s Find My network works across Mac, iPhone, iPad, and iPod touch.