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The bane of the heavy smart watch user is their brief battery life. Even (yes, we’re going there) the Apple Watch. Wireless charging makes life much easier, but only if you have your wireless charger to hand.

The Belkin Valet Charger Power Pack is one that you can indeed have to hand. It’s a portable power bank with a mighty 6700mAh capacity. The tricky part is that in addition to plugging your iPhone into it for a refresh, you can drape your Apple Watch across it and charge that up as well.

It has sufficient capacity to charge an iPhone three times or an Apple Watch eight times. For peace of mind, it’s certified until Apple’s MFi Program.

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Sennheiser Momentum In-Ear earphones – $169.95

Confession: this reviewer for one does not use Apple’s earphones. Perhaps the AirPods will be an exception, but those hard plastic nubs have always managed to be both uncomfortable and insecure in my ears. I far prefer earphones with silicon tips. Amongst the best of these are the Sennheirser Momentum In-Ear earphones.

They deliver great sound quality and excellent control over the source device. They’re wired, but will work fine with an iPhone 7 using that device’s Lightning headphone adaptor.

Make sure you pick the Apple-compatible model. They also come in Android versions. Those ones will mostly work with Apple phones too but you’ll lose the volume control function.

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Lexar microSD Reader for iOS – $54.95

Lexare microSD Reader Lifestyle

iPhones and iPads are great portable devices and with their first class screens are absolutely perfect for viewing footage from your action camera, your dash cam, or even your drone camera. But if that device uses – as so many do – a microSD card for recording, viewing the video or checking out the photos will require a microSD card reader for your device.

Lexar’s device is another great stocking filler, and nicely inexpensive.

It’s used by plugging it into the iPhone’s or iPad’s Lightning port and inserting the microSD card. And it’s easy to use thanks to the free app from the app store.

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