Apple iPhone 4 leaked again

You might remember that Apple made the headlines a few weeks ago when its next-generation iPhone was shown to the world.

Well it’s happened again, and this time there are some internal shots to indicate that the device is Apple’s next baby.

A Vietnamese forum for topics such as the iPhone has come up with images of what look like a pre-production next-generation iPhone . From the look of things, it’s pretty similar to the one that was leaked to the world a few weeks ago.

iPhone leak

In the images, the phone has in been cracked open and Apple markings are visible on the chip. While these could be fake, one chip is marked “N90”, which has been rumoured to be a codename for the next version of the iPhone.

Sadly, the forum that originally posted the images has gone down. Coincidence, or some fruit heavy handedness? We’ll leave the speculation up to you.

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