Apple issues recall on pretty much every power adaptor

You might see some long lines for the Apple store near you soon, but don’t think this is a new device on its way out. No, the company has issued a recall, and if you own an iDevice, it probably affects you.

If you own an Apple two-prong wall adaptor like the sort that shipped with every Apple iPhone, iPad, iPad Mini, iPod Touch, and even a lot of the Mac computers (MacBook/MacBook Air/MacBook Pro) from the 12 years spanning 2003 to 2015, your wall plug is now being recalled.

Yes, we’re serious.

That’s news as of this week, with Apple announcing a voluntary recall of AC wall plugs in parts of the world where two-prong adaptors may not be doing exactly what they should be.

Apple is saying that in “very rare cases, affected Apple two-prong wall plug adaptors may break and create a risk of electrical shock if touched”.

If that concerns you, the good news is that in the 12 years of products Apple has been producing these plugs for, the company is only aware of 12 incidents worldwide.

As for who in the world is affected, it’s not everyone, with only the two-prong adaptors made for Australia, New Zealand, Argentina, Brazil, Continental Europe, and South Korea being asked to bring back their plugs, though if you have one of the “Apple World Travel Adapter” kits, Apple does say that you should probably bring it back, too.

If you are concerned, you’ll find an Apple web page on the matter, which is well worth checking out (found by clicking this bit of text right here), but pretty much, if you own an Aussie Apple iProduct or MacBook from the past few years, you may want to gather up the plugs and return them when you get a moment, because while it doesn’t affect the US or the UK, it does affect Aussies. If you bought your iPhone or MacBook in Europe, you’re affected, too.

When you do bring it back to an Apple store, you’ll find you’re given brand new ones, and hey, the good news is that all the models from 2016 onwards should be good. No worries.