Save $200 on one of Apple’s best MacBooks

MacBook Air M2

If you’ve been waiting for a decent MacBook Air M2 deal, now’s your chance.

Amazon and Officeworks are battling for your patronage with $200 off the base model of Apple’s versatile and lightweight laptop. With a delicately-struck balance between power and affordability, the MacBook Air M2 received a near-perfect score in our review last year.

MacBook Air M2 deal at Amazon and Officeworks

Equipped with Apple’s M2 chip, the latest MacBook Air is ideal for creative professionals and students on a budget who need something capable of everyday multitasking. In fact, we believe the Air suits more people’s use cases than the pricier MacBook Pro M2.

Instead of its usual retail price of $1,899, both Amazon and Officeworks have the MacBook Air M2 for just $1,698. Just over $200 is a pretty decent saving, especially when it comes to Apple gear.

Keep in mind the discounted model comes with 8GB of RAM and an eight-core GPU. If you want a device for more intensive work, spending a bit more to upgrade the RAM might be worth it. Or, if your budget stretches really far, consider the recently-released MacBook Pro models with the M2 Pro and M2 Max chips. As it stands, the base-level Air M2 would suit your needs if you wanted a reliable Apple machine to handle daily tasks.

Another handy feature of the MacBook Air M2 is that it supports MacOS Ventura, the latest Mac software platform. Improved search functionality, using your iPhone as a webcam, and the Stage Manager multitasking feature all add to the well-known Apple ecosystem experience.

Whether it be the MacBook Air or iPad Air, the streamlined versions of Apple’s popular hardware are well worth a look when on sale. Portable, fast, and reasonably priced, they get the job done.

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