Apple Pay comes to more banks

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Apple Pay is coming to two more Australian banks and one credit union by the end of the Month. ING Direct and Macquarie Bank, along with Central Murray Credit Union have joined 45 other financial institution in Australia that offer customers the convenience of tap-and-go transactions from their Apple mobile devices.

“This means Macquarie customers will have the option of making mobile payments with iPhone, Apple Watch and other Apple devices, and marks the latest step in our approach of supporting innovative digital solutions to making banking faster, easier and more convenient for our customers”, said Macquarie Bank’s Head of Personal Banking Ben Perham.

Once enabled, customers will be able to add compatible credit and debit cards to the Apple Wallet app, which then uses the iPhone’s Near Field Communication (NFC) chip to interact with kiosks. The Apple Wallet can also hold loyalty cards, airline boarding passes, transit cards and even digital drivers licences.

The move puts the spotlight on the remaining big banks, with the exception of ANZ, that are abstaining from offering Apple Pay to their customers. An ACCC ruling between Apple, The National Australia Bank, WestPac and The Commonwealth Bank is expected in March. Depending on the findings,  Apple may be forced to provide access to its NFC tap-and-go technology to the banks to use with their own apps, or otherwise, the banks may be forced to negotiate with Apple, on its original terms, to use Apple Pay.