Apple releases iPad 2 pricing for Australia

Ahead of Friday’s launch of the second-generation iPad, Apple has released prices for Australians.

Last year, the iPad started at $629, but this year, Apple seems to have responded to the shift in dollar by giving the iPad 2 a $579 starting price.

In fact, the pricing for the new iPad 2 looks like this:

The new iPad 2 features a faster dual-core processor, front and rear cameras, and a different design. While not the huge upgrade rumours had been pushing for, consumer demand is expected to be pretty high for the device.

Other manufacturers won’t be taking the new Apple tablet lying down, however, with competitors such as Samsung and Viewsonic launching their own slates this week.

So now only one question remains: will you be getting an iPad, or will you wait around and see what the competition has in store? Tell us below the comments section.