Apple to announce new products next week

Given the amount of rumours circulating lately, we’d be foolish to say that we didn’t see this one coming. But it wouldn’t be a lead-up to Christmas if there weren’t some new gear to tempt your wallets with.

However, next week on September 1, Apple will grace the world with some new products announcements. So what will be announced?
The image they sent around consists of a guitar with an Apple logo as the sound hole, so at the moment we’re thinking this is going to be iPod and iTunes based.
We’re expecting a new iPod Touch, iPod Nano, and maybe even an iPod Shuffle designed around a very small touchscreen.
There’s also likely to be an upgrade to iTunes and we’re seeing a possibility of a new Apple TV, this one less expensive and more about buying content from iTunes.
If we interpret the guitar literally, we can also assume that the music software produced by Apple – GarageBand and Logic – will be getting an upgrade too.
We’ll let you know one week from today.