Apple to show off new operating system, possible laptops next week


So you want to buy a MacBook but aren’t sure if Apple plans to refresh its lineup before the year’s end? Stay tuned, because we’ll know next week.
While Apple has had some huge launches this year – the iPad, a new iPhone, and a few new iPod players – it’s apparently not done, sending out an invite to the media hinting at a new operating system they plan to show off.
The lion behind the above Apple logo suggests to us that we could be seeing the successor to Apple’s OSX 10.6 Snow Leopard operating system when next week’s Apple briefing comes up, but the grey in the image also suggests the MacBook range might get a small refresh.
We’ve heard rumours that the thin MacBook Air might be getting the update, but we’d also like to see the MacBook Pro 13 inch distance itself a little from the plastic MacBook.
One thing’s for sure: we’ll know by October 21 just what’s going on.