We tried the Apple Vision Pro: it’s a revolutionary device

Mixed reality is officially here. Or, as Apple likes to call it, “spatial computing”. After the Vision Pro headset was shown yesterday at WWDC 2023, just about everyone has given their two cents’ worth. Memes and snarky takes flooded social media as Apple revealed what it hopes is the next best thing.

What many don’t realise is that this is not a device you can fairly judge just by looking at it. You need to wear and use the Vision Pro to truly get a sense of what it can do.

We got to experience the headset firsthand and have a lot of thoughts about how it works and fits into the broader Apple ecosystem. It’s a fascinating device that requires closer examination to fully understand it.

Apple Vision Pro aims to change the future of computing

What most people gravitated towards following the headset’s announcement was the price. At the equivalent of more than $5,000 locally, it’s undoubtedly expensive. Too expensive for most consumers. However, it is the first generation of a new technology, one that industry reports suggest that Apple is committed to long-term.

Other headsets on the market tend to focus on either VR or AR, and mixed reality headsets like the HTC Vive XR Elite are impressive but not quite there yet. With the Vision Pro, Apple has taken the next step. With its highly detailed interface and seamless connectivity with other devices, there’s genuinely a reason for the device to exist.

It’s tricky to adequately describe how well the technology works: you really need to immerse yourself in it to understand the hype. Being able to access your other devices on the equivalent of a giant personal screen and interact with content just by using your eyes is impressive.

Keep in mind that the success of devices like the Vision Pro hinges on third-party support. Apple has done a great job of demonstrating how well its mixed reality tech seamlessly blends with other devices under its umbrella. Other use cases like immersive spatial content, whether it be movies or sports from multiple angles, require a wider commitment from other companies. Understandably, it’s worth waiting to see how broad the support will be.

After trying the Vision Pro, the first thing we did was record a video summarising just how stunning Apple’s new technology is. Expect to see more coverage as we learn more about the device and what Apple has in mind for the spatial computing future.

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Valens Quinn attended Apple WWDC 2023 in Cupertino as a guest of Apple Australia