Apple WWDC 2021 Privacy is primary

Apple privacy

Apple WWDC 2021 Privacy is primary takes centre stage as Apple unveils a wide range of new user protections. 

WWDC 2021 Privacy is primary is Apple’s response s the general public becomes more privacy-conscious. Strong protection has long been a key selling point for Apple. Enhancements announced strengthens Apple’s privacy and security credentials compared to rival platforms like Google’s Android, as well as data-hungry social media platforms like Facebook.

One key change is that Siri will now process audio requests on the device, whether it be a Mac, iPhone, iPad, Apple TV, HomePod or Apple Watch. This eliminates the need to send that sensitive information to the cloud and back.

Meanwhile, Apple’s mail client introduces tracker blockers. These prevent marketing emails from reporting a user’s IP address and location. This protection kicks in regardless of whether or not the emails are opened.

A new App Tracker report reveals how often apps accessed personal information over the last seven days. It also reveals whether that information was shared with third parties.

iCloud+ privacy boost

Apple’s new iCloud+ service also introduces a range of features to enhance privacy and security. They are available to iCloud subscribers at no extra cost.

iCloud Private Relay for Safari encrypts data and passes it through two intercept relays to help hide a user’s location, IP address and browsing activity. This makes it more difficult for websites to track and profile visitors.

The new Hide My Email feature lets iCloud email users create email aliases. These can be used for online shopping, creating online accounts or for other activities which require an email address.

Emails sent to an alias are forwarded to the users’ actual email account. Users can create several aliases and delete those no longer required, helping protect privacy and combat spam.

The privacy improvements will be rolled into the upcoming iOS 15, iPadOS 15, tvOS 15, macOS 12 and WatchOS 8 updates. Developer betas of these operating systems are available now, with public betas to roll out in July.

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