Apple’s AppStore brings Australian prices down, now closer to parity

Australia’s dollar has been a touch higher than the American dollar for some time, and now it looks like Apple has noticed the change, with a move that now makes Australian purchases on the AppStore exactly what they are in the US.

What does this mean?

An app purchased yesterday at $2.49 now costs $1.99 and a $1.19 app is now 99 cents. The catch here is that the more expensive items aren’t identical to their American equivalents, with 50 cents tacked on to the end of every app over four bucks, so a $4.99 app in the US costs $5.49 locally.

The price shift is a move Australians have wanted practically since our dollar started heading up, an acknowledgement that Apple recognised the value of our currency and reflected it in its pricing structure.

Currently, the pricing adjustment only affects applications purchased from Apple’s iTunes network, with music and movies completely unaffected by the move and still remaining at the prices they were yesterday.