Apple’s HomePod mini gets colourful

Apple HomePod mini speakers in 5 colours
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The HomePod mini is now available in 3 new colours including yellow, orange and blue. The minis new colours extend across the mesh fabric, volume icons, woven power cable and tinted touch surface.

While previously only available in space grey and white, the new colours provide more options for matching your decor, style and personality. This also falls in line with the general trend of Apple offering colourful options across its other products including the new iMacs and iPhone 13s.

The HomePod mini is Apple’s second, smaller Siri-based smart speaker, and is just 8.5cm tall. It can identify the voices of up to 6 people in your home to respond to personalised “Hey Siri” commands including playing music and podcasts and responding to requests for information, etc.

The HomePod mini produces a surprisingly loud sound from a small package, along with 360-degree computational audio. This feature helps tunes the audio in real time depending on what you’re listening to.

The mini is designed to work with other minis to provide a multi-room function. You can listen to the same song throughout your house on all speakers or play different music in each room. Two minis can also be paired together to create a stereo effect.

Available from Apple stores from today, the HomePod mini in 3 new colours is priced at A$149.

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