Apple’s iPad Air 2 gains a hidden keyboard with Moshi

It’s not hard to see Apple’s iPad Air 2 as a serious content creation tool, and we’ve even written a book on the thing, but to do that, you generally need a decent set of keys, and these can make the iPad look a little bigger, but Moshi hopes to solve this.

That solution could come in the form of a new case made for the iPad Air 2 called the VersaKeyboard, which is a specialised case for the iPad Air 2 that grips the Apple tablet in a polycarbonate shell and keeps a wireless Bluetooth keyboard behind the iPad in a special keyboard slot.


In a way, we’re reminded of Leonardo from Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles, as the keyboard fits into the back of the case just like Leonardo’s katana sword fit into a sheath on his back.

The wireless keyboard isn’t going to be stuck anywhere, either, and unlike many of the keyboard cases we see, can be relocated to any position provided the Bluetooth is still in range of the iPad itself.


Outside of this, you’ll find Moshi’s VersaCover here, which is an origami-inspired flexible material cover that supports the iPad auto-wake and sleep functions, and can be folded back behind the iPad Air 2 into a stand for the tablet itself, making it either stand upright in portrait or in landscape mode.

We’re told the battery on the keyboard offers as much as 130 hours of battery life, and like so many other Bluetooth keyboards out there, is charged by microUSB, meaning it shouldn’t be hard to find power in a pinch if you desperately need to.


As for pricing and availability, we’re told the Moshi VersaKeyboard for iPad Air 2 will hit Australian stores for a recommended retail price of $149.99, with select retailers and online outlets grabbing the keyboard case.

If you find yourself with an iPad Air (not the 2) and want the same treatment, we suspect the last version is more or less what you want, though we’re a little surprised the price has changed by a good $30.