Apple’s iPhone 7 goes on sale with very limited stock

iPhone 7 colour range

The iPhone 7 has gone on sale in Australia, and the Sydney CBD official Apple Store was the first in the world to open its doors to the Apple faithful. However, if you plan on heading to an Apple store, telco or electronics retailer to grab yours over the next few days, you might be disappointed.

We did manage to grab a rose gold iPhone 7 this morning. Full review soon!
We did manage to grab a rose gold iPhone 7 this morning. Full review soon!

Firstly, the iPhone 7 Plus has been completely sold out of Apple retail stores in Australia, however I was told this morning that there is still stock of the 7 Plus at the Telstra store on 400 George St. I would imagine that these may have been all snapped up by now, so call ahead if you’re hoping to get one. Also, the new Jet Black colour is completely allocated to pre-orders, so only the matte black version will be available for an walk-in pickup, while stocks last of course.

So if you do want to stroll in to a shop today and buy an iPhone 7, you will probably not have much choice – or no choice – however, you can always reserve a phone and collect it later. Also, keep an eye on the Apple website for shipping estimates. Currently, a jet back iPhone 7 Plus is not available for delivery until November, while silver, gold and rose gold 7 Plus models are available in 2-3 weeks. For the smaller iPhone 7, Apple is reporting 3-5 weeks for the jet black model, and 1-2 weeks for everything else.