Apple’s new Magic Mouse – clicks ‘n gestures

Apple have a track record in making unusual – occasionally unusable – mouse, but in the Magic Mouse they’re perhaps onto a good idea.
The Magic Mouse is wireless, it connects to your Mac via Bluetooth, and will work from up 30 metres or so away from the computer.

UPDATE: Read our review of the Apple Magic Mouse.

In addition to being clickable, it incorporates some of the gesture-based commands as seen on the iPhone, iPod Touch and Mac notebook trackpads. Essentially, the entire top surface area of the Magic Mouse is a trackpad, allowing you to:

  • Click: simply click or double click anywhere on the top surface
  • Right click: enable as a two-button mouse by going into System Preferences
  • 360-degree scroll: brush one finger in any direction on the surface to pan
  • Screen zoom: hold down the Control button on the keyboard and slide your finger forwards on the mouse
  • Swipe: use 2 fingers to go back or forward pages in your web browser, or to browse photos

All of these options can be enabled, or you can choose to turn some off, which you can control by going into your Mac’s System Preferences.

To use the Magic Mouse you’ll need a Bluetooth-enabled Macintosh computer, running Mac OS X v10.5.8 or later, with Wireless Mouse Software Update 1.0.

The RRP of the Apple Magic Mouse is $99.