There are two differences between the models, however, aside for screen sizes, and that’s battery life and optical image stabilisation, and just like last year, the iPhone 6s Plus has the edge, with a bigger battery and optical image stabilisation balancing the camera when you capture video, with this last feature missing on the iPhone 6s.

If neither the iPhone 6s or 6s Plus grab you, Apple will be keeping the previous generation around, with the iPhone 6 still set to be offered for $929 in 16GB or $1069 in 64GB, while the iPhone 6 Plus will grab a price of $1079 for the 16GB model and $1229 for the 64GB variant.

And for some reason, there will still be the smaller 4 inch iPhone 5s sticking in Apple’s catalogue, which you’ll find for $749 for 16GB or $829 for 32GB.

Apple’s older phones are available now, of course, but Apple’s new phones — the iPhone 6s and iPhone 6s Plus — will be available on Friday, September 25.