Apple’s unexpected iOS 16.1.2 update might fix a major iPhone 14 feature

iOS 16.1.2 update iPhone 14 Crash Detection

Apple’s latest iPhone update is an unexpected one: iOS 16.1.2, which appears to mainly target iPhone 14 models with some very specific fixes.

Ahead of the iOS 16.2 update expected to come before the end of the year, iOS 16.1.2 includes security updates while addressing two other issues. One is improvements to wireless carrier compatibility. Crash Detection optimisation on iPhone 14 and iPhone 14 Pro models is the second.

One of the major iPhone 14 and Apple Watch 8 features, Crash Detection automatically identifies when you’ve been in a car accident, and then contacts emergency services with your GPS coordinates. The problem? It reportedly kicks in unexpectedly, like when riding a rollercoaster. Or when skiing at high speeds.

The next major iPhone update, iOS 16.2, is currently in beta testing and includes a way to notify Apple of a false SOS alarm. It seems the current software update is a stopgap to help reduce these instances from happening in the first place.

Should you update to iOS 16.1.2?

Like iOS 16.1.1, the latest update also contains security enhancements, so it’s always recommended to install the latest software to keep your device safe. Even though the headline fixes mainly address iPhone 14 devices, anyone with a handset dating back to an iPhone 8 can and should update. We recommend the same practice whenever a critical security update goes live for Android, too.

It won’t be long until iOS 16.2 arrives, which will bring more everyday features to iPhone, much like the substantial iOS 16.1 update did, adding family photo sharing in addition to Apple Fitness+ access without needing an Apple Watch.

Fingers crossed that the Crash Detection tweaks help make the feature more accurate, as it’s a fantastic idea with the potential to save lives.

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