AppMonday: ReColor

There’s a new craze sweeping bookstores, and it is colouring books. Not the sort you give to your kids, though, because these are colouring books made to help you relax and meditate. And yes, there’s an app for that.

Called “ReColor” (yes, there’s no “u” because this is an American app), this is basically a fill-in-between-the-lines colouring book for people who like that sort of thing, possibly because it relaxes them.

This isn’t your standard colouring book for kids, though, because while the topics aren’t totally adult things like getting your taxes done, drinking a cup of coffee, or paying for the dry cleaning — though all of these would make highly entertaining colouring books for adults — the images you’ll be colouring in are a little more complicated than the slippery slides, animals, or cartoon characters you get for your kids.


The technology being used is also a little more advanced than say that of the pencil and paper colouring books you give to your kids, and that’s thanks to the fact that this requires that advanced computer you keep in your pocket or handbag known as a smartphone or tablet.

ReColor doesn’t need you to bring any pencils or accessories, either, with merely an eye for colour and a fingertip required to get your colouring book on.

In fact, you merely just need to select the picture you wish to colour in, and then navigate colour palettes to fill in the spaces.


When colouring in a flower, you can pick the colour you want from a small palette, and then press the section you wish to fill in, zooming in with the pinch gesture to get closer and fill in the tiny details, while two fingers will let you move around the page.

Colour palettes can also be expanded upon, and you don’t have to use the colours you’re provided from the get go, with a swipe up and then across revealing individual colours and their shades — reds, greens, blues, etc — while other custom colour palettes can be found swiping left to right from the names of specific palettes.

Access to other palettes will happen if you decide to share with friends, while access to other colouring books is where an in-app purchase or two arises, so if you want more than the basic two or three page demos in the various drawing packs, you’ll have to pony up for it.

Colouring is at least easier than with pencils, though, and much less messy, especially if you’re a lefty, meaning you won’t get any of the colours on your hand as you shade in.


The developers of ReColor have also made it possible to share your works with some neato filters, so you don’t just have to be content with your uniquely coloured in image put on the various social feeds, if you so choose, and can select styles that make it seem like you’ve used pencils, markers, watercolours, and more, because this is you expressing yourself creatively.

As for whether colouring in will relax you, that is something only you can answer. We found it a little annoying to press the right area and colour it in smoothly, as some lines just force you to go outside of them unless you’re zoomed in all the way, but maybe we’re just born to colour outside the lines.


ReColor is available now on iOS (iPhone and iPad) for free with in-app purchases.

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