Arcam gives the iPhone a boost of power and sound

If you fancy yourself an audiophile and adore your iPhone, you may want to consider a new gadget and accessory, not just because it will help there, but also give you a boost in power.

Called the “MusicBoost”, it’s a gadget that comes from a brand known for producing some very high-end amplifiers, so it’s a bit of a surprise to see it working in the field of iPhone accessories.

Still, given what the gadget is, it does make sense.

It’s not a amp, however, and it’s not a CD player, but while those are areas Arcam has definitely worked in previously, the MusicBoost is something that takes a music format you’re probably already into and makes it work with something you carry on a regular basis.


Simply put, it’s a battery sleeve for the iPhone 6 and 6S with the added bonus of including a headphone amplifier and 24-bit digital to analogue converter.

On the one side, the battery sleeve will be of a tremendous help to iPhone owners, particularly since it will charge the iPhone 6 and 6S battery with up to 120 percent extra battery life.

Meanwhile, the “music” side of Arcam’s MusicBoost will deliver increased volume to headphones that need it, while also engaging 24-bit sound provided an app is used, such as the Onkyo HF Player for iPhone.

In theory, this case could turn the iPhone 6 and 6S into a high-resolution media player, saving you from potentially grabbing something more expensive and killing two birds with one stone.


As for releasing different versions, a representative for Arcam did tell GadgetGuy that no other generations of the MusicBoost are in the pipeline, and that unfortunately includes one for the iPhone 6 Plus and iPhone 6S Plus, so no go there. Perhaps if we jab Arcam enough, it will rethink this plan, but from what we’re hearing, it is unlikely that phones from other brands will see the MusicBoost either.

That’s bad news for owners of a Samsung, Sony, HTC, or an LG, and equally bad news for an iPhone 6S Plus owner. Sad face.

But if you’re an iPhone 6 or iPhone 6S owner, the news is good, and you’ll even find the Arcam MusicBoost in specialist stores very shortly for a recommended retail price of $299.