Arcam MZ8 and MZ12 amplifiers out this month

The MZ8 and MZ12 bring all of Arcam’s audio amplifier expertise to the multi-zone amplifier arena delivering superior sound and ease of use and installation at a competitive price.

The MZ8 and MZ12 offer excellent sound quality across multiple zones for custom installations where true musical reproduction is the key to meeting the needs of the discerning customer. Using Arcam’s audiophile amplifier technology the MZ8 and MZ12 deliver a full 65wpc, all channels driven into an 8 ohm loudspeaker load. Massive heat-sinking and a temperature controlled forced air cooling system ensure the MZ8 and MZ12 run at low ambient temperatures, dispersing less heat into cabinets and aiding long term reliability.

Oversized torroid based power supplies allow each amplifier channel to deliver effortless power with a low noise topology improving transient response. RS232 and 12v trigger control offer easy integration within a custom installation.

Power amplifier features

  • 65wpc continuous power output (8ohms, all channels driven)
  • 100wpc continuous power output (4ohms, 1kHz, one channel driven)
  • Class AB power amp stages – audiophile quality with long term reliability
  • Over current and over temperature Safe Operating Area protection
  • Audiophile grade components – ultimate clarity and musicality
  • All DC coupled signal path for enhanced bass control

Input and output features

  • Gold plated RCA phono inputs – ensuring a long term reliable connection
  • Gold plated 5-way binding post speaker outputs – multiple connection possibilities
  • “Clone to Zone 1″ switch for each zone – eliminates cabling for multi speaker arrays
  • Individual gain trim control for each channel – set max or fixed volume
  • Full Duplex RS232 control
  • 12 trigger in for standby
  • Individual zone muting (RS232)

Power supply features

  • Oversize Toroid mains transformers (one per 4 channels) – plenty of power reserve
  • Multiple high quality powers supply reserve capacitors – superb sound even under load
  • Individual power supply rectification and smoothing per 4 channels

General Features

  • Multi colour, per zone status LED’s with fault diagnosis reporting
  • Detachable rack ears and case feet
  • 1 watt standby power consumption
  • Size -3U high 19″ rack mountable case (450mm/182 deep)
  • Weight 23 kg