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3SIXT Leather Band

We compared the 3SIXT Leather Band with Apple’s Cape Code Blue Leather Loop. According to the 3SIXT site, the band has a “…high-quality pebble-textured genuine leather design…” It also comes with the same type of magnetic closure that is “…designed to sit flush against the wrist and effortlessly fastens every time.”

From our experience, the description is fairly accurate. The real difference is the price between the two products. Apple’s costs $229, while 3SIXT’s Leather Band is just $99.95, so we’re talking about nearly $130. While the 3SIXT is perfectly functional and looks attractive, there is a noticeable quality difference. The leather on the Apple band is finer, softer, smoother and divided into smaller segments. As such, it wraps a little better around your wrist, while the 3SIXT’s leather seems stiffer and doesn’t have the same ‘weight’.

The fasteners on the 3SIXT’s Leather Band are lighter as well, however the magnet is stronger than that on the Apple band.

One issue for this reviewer’s ‘small to average’ wrist size is that the band is too long. Compared to the Apple model, 3SIXT’s is about a centimetre longer, and when closed actually wraps onto the watch face itself. (See the photo for how this looks).

For larger wrists, this shouldn’t be an issue, but something to flag none-the-less as it can’t be shortened.

3SIXT Leather Band on wrist showing it is too long.
For smaller wrists, the 3SIXT will wrap onto the watch, with no way to shorten it.

Overall, the 3SIXT’s Leather Band is attractive, and fine for its purpose, but you do get what you pay for. The extra $130 buys better quality leather and a more premium feel, and perhaps a more evenly sized band.

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3SIXT Magnetic Mesh Band

Apple’s Stainless Steel Milanese Loop band was a hallmark style released with the first Apple Watch. It’s a dressy, flashy design, intended to compliment your wrist. It’s also one of the more expensive bands at $229. 3SIXT’s Magnetic Mesh Band mimics its design, and also includes the fully adjustable, variable length magnetic clasp.

With a price of just $69.95, you’re saving nearly $160 with the 3SIXT model, so what are the compromises? Appearance-wise, the metallic finish looks very similar to the Apple, with a nice shine, and made from a similarly sized metal mesh. The edges of both bands are smooth, albeit a little smoother on the Apple model. The quality of the magnetic fasteners feels about equal, along with magnet strength.

Fastening the band to the watch was not quite as good a fit, however, but not loose by any means. We also noticed that the SIXT’s band was a little more coarse, in terms of the band rubbing against itself.

We did notice that Apple’s version is about 3mm wider, and a little longer. The 3SIXT’s narrower band does feel more feminine, or at least daintier.

Overall, we were expecting to see a more noticeable difference in quality between the two, given the price. With a $160 savings, 3SIXT Magnetic Mesh Band is the value star of the lot. Still, if you have a larger wrist, and prefer a more masculine, wider band, the Apple version might be a better choice in the long run.

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