Are Black Friday sales worth it?

Black Friday Sales
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The 26th of November comes but once a year, but it’s a date worth remembering because it’s the now-famous Black Friday sale. That means massive savings on pretty much any tech you can think of, even bigger than the Boxing Day sales. 

And that timing is no coincidence: The last Friday in November of any year is the start of the Christmas buying period, so Black Friday isn’t just about savings – it’s about getting your gift-buying done in one fell swoop. But are they worth it? Judge for yourself by looking through our wrap of Black Friday deals.

How good will Black Friday 2021 deals be?

While some companies can come across as a bit stingey (Apple typically offers a modest store-wide 10% discount) that’s only in comparison to the rest of the market. Depending on what you’re shopping for, you can expect discounts from 50% even up to 75% on technology products due for a model refresh. 

So the short answer is, ‘yes’. Black Friday deals are worth it.

For instance, in 2020, deals included such killers as the Samsung Z Fold 2 for $700 off, or with a deal that gave you $1000 off a second smartphone. Also in 2020, the Nintendo Switch and games for the handheld console received substantial discounts; there was a very tasty Switch plus Mario Kart Deluxe 8 and three-months of Nintendo Online, all for just $349. 

This year, the Nintendo Switch has a new OLED model so will be an even hotter gift than in 2020, so look out for some amazing deals. 

When do Black Friday 2021 deals start?

While the official date for Black Friday 2021 is 26th November 2021, many brands and stores will begin advertising their deals from the Thursday 25th, and the deals will last beyond Cyber Monday on 29th November until Tuesday the 30th. 

If you’re not familiar with all these sales names, Black Friday was traditionally an in-store only sale on the last Friday of November. Then, as online shopping became more popular Cyber Monday was inaugurated to be held online from the following Monday. 

For Black Friday 2021, however, everything is online (as well as in-store) and the sales event lasts, as mentioned, from Thursday 25th of November until Tuesday the 30th of November. Not all retailers will have the sale open on the Thursday and the Tuesday, but everyone will be offering big deals on Friday and Monday. 

Some bigger brands start discounting even earlier, and it’s worth keeping an eye on the big names to see when their deals go live. If you can’t wait, the below brands are already promoting some great discounts, before the official Black Friday offers. 

Microsoft – savings on Surface bundles, and 15% off Surface laptop
Dell – up to 40% off selected laptops until 2 December 2021.
Dyson – up to $150 off some products, including purifiers and fans
Bose – 40% off refurbished products
Lenovo –10-35% off selected ThinkPad and IdeaPad laptops

Where can I buy Black Friday 2021 deals?

Retailers and brands participate in Black Friday 2021, both in-store and online. This year, you can visit so-called Bargain Hubs to check what deals have been announced, and get your shortlist ready for the big day! (Or even snap up an early sale if it’s offered.) 

Retailers usually lead the way (and set the price) on bargains, with many of the participating brands unaware of what their products will sell for until the sale commences. We’ve linked some Bargain Hubs below and will update them as they go live, so remember to bookmark this article and check back regularly!

JB Hi-Fi – deals dropping from 22 November

Amazon Australia  – daily deals dropping from 21 November 

Good Guys – sign up to receive alerts to your email

Target – deals announced 25 November

Big W – online deals from 23 November, and instore from 25 November.

Appliances Online  – deals coming soon

EBay Australia – active deals now for eBay plus members

Bing Lee – sign up to receive alerts to your email

What will be on sale on Black Friday 2021?

For electronics and technology products, expect to see bargains on laptops, TVs, soundbars, headphones, Bluetooth and smart speakers, smartphones, smart watches, tablets, mobile data plans, fridges, washers and dryers, cameras and small appliances. Everything with an ‘on switch’, really. 

You’ll see most of the big nameplates on sale too, including Samsung, Motorola, Dyson, Sony, Telstra, Dyson, HP, Dell, LG, Apple and Sonos.

How can I get ready for Black Friday 2021 deals?

Black Friday can be a bit chaotic – and not just in-store. Websites may creak and groan under the pressure, and you can risk missing out because you took a minute or so longer to hum and hah between, for instance, two models of TV. Here’s our top tips for getting ready for Black Friday 2021.

1. Have a shortlist

Decide what it is you want this year, and get that list sorted first. And be aware of pre-deal pricing; you want to be making a saving, not getting carried away with sales fever. 

It’s best not to fixate on specific models, but rather focus on tech – there’s less chance of missing out. So for instance, decide on a 75 inch Samsung Neo QLED TV, and don’t worry too much if you have to grab a mid-tier instead of top-tier model: you’ll still be saving heaps! And don’t be too proud to change brands if the savings are super amazing.

2. Check websites regularly

We’ll be updating this page as Black Friday 2021 gets closer, but it’s worth bookmarking a few retailers too. Sign up for newsletters or social media alerts if they’re on offer. The key is to stay informed and maintain a readiness to pounce!

3. Don’t wait for Cyber Monday (maybe!)

Depending on what you’re hoping to nab this year, it might not be worth your while to wait for the sometimes-deeper discounts on Cyber Monday. Especially if you’re after 2021 model electronics, as these items tend to sell out quickly on Black Friday itself. That said, if saving the most money possible is your main motivation, it can be worth hanging on until after the weekend. You’ll be getting the leftovers, but oh boy will they be cheap!  

4. Take advantage of price matching

If shopping instore, don’t forget to ask a retailer to price match. You’ll need to be able to show the more competitive to the retailer (take your phone), and even if price matching isn’t a stated policy of the store, most will negotiate to ensure they get your dollars.

Black Friday 2021 deals

Many retailers play their Black Friday 2021 deals close to their chest, so we won’t know exact prices for everything until nearer the day. For our latest collection of tech deals check out our Black Friday Deals Wrap. We’ll keep updating this section as more deals drop.

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