Arlo at CES 2019


Arlo is now a separate company from NETGEAR. It is flying alone now. We look at Arlo at CES 2019.

Apple HomeKit support

Arlo will support Apple HomeKit on its new Ultra 4K HDR Wire-Free and Arlo Pro 2 security cameras systems via a firmware update in Q1 2019. It will let iPhone and iPad users access the cameras using the Apple Home app or Siri commands.

Arlo Multi-Sensor: It can monitor open/close states for doors and windows, motion, smoke and CO alarms, water leaks, and temperature changes.

Arlo Siren: Rated for outdoor use, battery-operated, has a built-in red strobe light, and melodies. It can simulate a presence when you’re away, playing sounds like dogs barking, TV audio

Arlo Remote: Can arm/disarm the system

Arlo also supports Google Assistant and has an Amazon Alexa skill.

“Works with Arlo” compatibility program

Arlo is trying to attract other manufacturers with its “Work with Arlo” ecosystem. The Arlo Ultra SmartHub base station (not earlier base stations) upgrade later in 2019 will work with ZigBee and Z-Wave devices. It has already signed up Philips Hue, Sonos, Yale, Schlage and other partners.

Please note that in Australia, Z-Wave uses the far lower 921.4Mhz band (that is far more effective penetrating walls and floors) and has a longer range than Zigbee (up to 30 metres). Z-Wave products made elsewhere need a specific Australian frequency version to work here.

Arlo Ultra 4K HDR camera, 180° FOV, spotlight, IP65

Pricing starts at $1049.99 RRP for the 2-camera system which includes a one-year subscription to Arlo Smart Premier, Arlo’s cloud AI and vision service. Additional cameras are $449. The new flagship 4K HDR wire-free security camera system requires the new Arlo SmartHub. Pre-orders are for an expected February delivery.

Features include

  • 4K and HDR image quality (can drop back to FHD and HD depending on Wi-Fi and Internet bandwidth)
  • Advanced dewarping of the 180° image.
  • 4K enables digital zoom to better identify words, logos and license plates
  • LED motion-activated spotlight (estimate 200-500 lumens).
  • Spotlight also allows colour recording at night (in the spotlight field of view).
  • Auto-zoom and tracking
  • Wi-Fi 2.4GHz for theoretically 100m range (practically half that)
  • IP65
  • Speak with anyone in range of your Arlo Ultra full-duplex, noise cancelling audio.
  • Siren (dB rating unknown -assume 100dB)
  • Works with Apple Siri, Google Assistant and Amazon Alexa
  • New magnetic charger plug – battery life unknown (does not use CR battereis like older Arlo products)

GadgetGuy is yet to review the Arlo Ultra, but it seems to satisfy the need for higher resolution, and more features are available, albeit these require a more expensive monthly subscription Smart plan based on the number of cameras. It includes a single camera at $3.99 per month, 2-10 cameras for $12.99 per month, or 11-20 cameras at $18.99 per month.

Older Arlo Products

Arlo Ultra represents a new technology for a new company. Its older Arlo/Pro/Pro2/Q/Q Plus/Go/Lights/Doorbell/Security light and Baby cameras will continue to work with their existing base station or with the new Ultra SmartHub. We are unsure of what additional Ultra features older devices can use, e.g. extended recordings, advanced object detection, activity zone setting etc.

The Ultra 4K camera will also work on older hubs at HD resolution.

You can read more about Arlo products here.