Arlo at CES 2020 – a bright floodlight camera, privacy as a pledge and opens its Smart Cloud to business as a SaaS

Arlo at CES 2020
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Arlo at CES 2020 was about adding a new 2K floodlight camera. Perhaps, more importantly, it pledges privacy in ways no other security camera maker has. And Arlo Smart Cloud became a SaaS (software as a service) for enterprise use.

Let’s get the most important consumer announcement from Arlo at CES 2020 tucked away first

Arlo at CES 2020

Arlo – Privacy as a pledge

No one should underestimate the value of this pledge – any data Arlo collects is safe! Of course, that cannot apply to data collected if you use voice assistants. The pledge is

OWNERSHIP – Your personal data belongs to you and you alone.

We don’t sell your data.

  • We never sell your information to third parties. Your data is used to deliver the Arlo services, Arlo functionality, and any related services or functionality that you affirmatively choose and nothing else.

We don’t share your data.

  • We never share your data, including videos, without your consent or a court order to do so. If there is a request by law enforcement for your videos, we require a legally enforceable search warrant or other equivalent court order mandating that Arlo turn over the videos to law enforcement.

CONTROL – Your data is for your eyes only.

We give you all the control.

  • We store your videos in the Arlo cloud only for the duration of your chosen Arlo plan. After that, your videos are automatically and permanently deleted or cleaned from the Arlo cloud.2

We support privacy legislation

  • Our comprehensive privacy policy is built to empower you to make decisions about your data and determine who has access. Our policy and practices generally implement the controls and concepts of various new privacy legislation, including the Australian Privacy Act, California Consumer Privacy Act and the General Data Protection Regulation.  

PROTECTION – We protect your private moments.

We keep your data safely secured.

  • We support industry-leading methods and practices to ensure your account is completely secure, such as two-factor authentication and access approval for all new devices to verify it’s really you. Your videos are encrypted to protect against malicious intent.

We made security part of our culture

  • We have implemented strict company-wide information security policies and procedures to ensure your privacy is protected. We support compliance with industry regulations and we also work with independent organisations to audit our services to help ensure we continue to meet the ever-evolving standards for cybersecurity.

For more information on Arlo’s privacy policy please visit

Arlo at CES 2020 – a svelte new floodlight cam (US Website here)

At its heart is the Arlo Pro 3, a 2K, IP65 camera with all the Arlo smarts,

  • 2K Video with HDR: Zoom in on objects. See clearer details and colours in 2K HDR.
  • Colour Night Vision: Colour night vision makes identification easier
  • 160-degree Diagonal View: wider field-of-view means more image
  • 2-Way Audio: superior 2-way audio quality. 
  • Built-in Smart Siren: Remotely or automatic trigger
  • Rechargeable Battery: Long-lasting removable battery
  • Custom Control: Custom floodlight and camera settings.
Arlo at CES 2020 floodlight cam

Plus, a translucent flood light panel that can light with motion, manually and adjust to ambient light. We don’t know lumens output yet, but it is safe to estimate somewhere around between 2000 lumens on battery (life depends on activations) and 2500-3000 if connected to a powerpoint.

The floodlight can be constant, flash and pulse. US pricing is $249 (add 50% for AUD). We expect to see if in Q2, 2020.

Although GadgetGuy seldom reports on enterprise issues, this announcement is significant. What Arlo Smart Cloud does for consumers can now be purchased by business as SaaS.

Arlo SmartCloud brings innovative and robust features to any connected image ecosystem, including:

  • Computer Vision: A low latency computer vision pipeline compatible with multiple compression and container formats to support the real-time vision and video-enabled apps
  • Multi-Object Detection: Simultaneous object detection based on proprietary machine learning such as a person, package, vehicle, animal, or custom requested objects.
  • Audio Analysis: Flexible audio analysis to determine security or other events.
  • Real-Time, 2-Way Communications: Multiple audio and video communication features including full SIP-based, VoIP quality communication between endpoints.
  • Scaled Platform Services: A proven, scaled and high-performance platform for real-time events, encode/decode, encryption, analytics, secure storage and streaming currently handling more than 150 million transactions per day in over 200 countries around the world.

Arlo is an ideal partner for companies across numerous industries looking to bring intelligent subscription services to their customers.

GadgetGuy’s take – Privacy is the biggest issue with IoT and Arlo has nailed it

Arlo’s privacy pledge should be a model for all IoT device makers – sadly ity is not. Many IoT devices transmit huge amounts of personally identifiable data which is sold to advertisers, marketers and who knows who else. I suppose that is why they can offer cheaper products – if the product is free the product is you.