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Arlo Chime 2 rings my bells – new online shop too

The Arlo Chime 2 is the successor to the Chime 1 – the main difference is that it connects via Wi-Fi only to the Arlo app. Functionally it is the same. And now you can get Arlo from its new online store.

Now a Chime review is simple. Does it chime when you press the Arlo Wired doorbell 8.8/10 or Wireless Essential video doorbell? Yes. Review over – well, not quite.

This is an essential and cost-effective add-on to any Arlo video doorbell. Australians typically use a ‘ding-dong’ Friedland/Honeywell doorbell (8V/1A DC power and usually has a 240V plug pack).

When installing the Wired Doorbell (never needs a recharge), it uses a 240V AC to 16-24V AC 10VA transformer. The ‘ding-dong’ bell won’t work off that. So, for $79, it is a plug and play solution to a problem you never knew you were going to have.

As a segue, Alro has a rechargeable 6500mAh battery (VMA2400-10000S) for its Essential Wireless Doorbell. For $69, you can charge it via any micro-USB cable and swap it out. As a doorbell ‘sees’ so much more, it has higher activations and uses more battery. Battery charge time is <4 hours with a 5V/2A Arlo or other standard USB 2.0 charger.

New online store

The entire Arlo range is now available to customers in a new online store offering free shipping for orders over $100.

With consumers increasingly choosing to shop online, we at Arlo are seeking to give Australian consumers options to where they can shop for our award-winning security products and services. We hope to continue to build on our brands success both through the launch of our online store and our continued commitment to our existing trade partners.

Brad Little, Vice President & Managing Director APAC.

 Arlo Chime 2 (AC2001-100AUS)

WebsiteProduct page
FromJB Hi-Fi, Bunnings and Arlo resellers
Warranty12 months

Setup – easy

  • Download the Arlo app and register (unless you have the app already)
  • Select Chime 2
  • Scan the bar code from the app (we had issues with Android smartphines and found that you need to pinch-zoom to scan correctly. iPhone worked the first time)
  • Power up the Chime 2
  • It will then join the home Wi-Fi 2.4GHz network and update firmware
  • Finalise the install by selecting the Doorbell/s it is to attach to (it can connect to Arlo video or standard push doorbells).
  • Select a melody. You can also connect it t a camera and play a chime when it detects motion. You can have different melodies for each connected device, including Siren, Dog Bark etc.
  • Place the Chime 2 in a power socket within the 2.4Ghz Wi-Fi range. You can also have multiple Chime 2 or mix it with Chime 1 for larger homes or various levels.


We did not experience any lag as some users have reported. Because it connects to Wi-Fi (Chime 1 connects to an Arlo base station), a weak signal can mean a few seconds lag between the doorbell press and the chime.

A few users have commented that it loses its Wi-Fi connection. That is not Arlo Chime 2 but the quality of the Wi-Fi. To be blunt, the cheap routers supplied by NBN resellers have a minimal range and signal strength.

Custom melodies

Users have requested the ability to upload custom melodies. Not available at present.

GadgetGuy’s take

The Arlo Chime 2 (and Chime 1) is an effective solution to a wired ding-dong chime. It works well, and you can use multiple chimes and multiple doorbells.

Really the decision is whether to install a wired or wireless Arlo video doorbell. Let me say it is a no-brainer, having acted as a visual deterrent to several potential break-ins and the 180° Field of View means we get to see a person top to toe.

Arlo Chime 2
Value for money
Ease of use
Easy to set up (once you solve the 3D barcode scan issue)
Loud enough with a good selection of melodies
Make sure it is within signal range of the router