Arlo Safe features a panic button to call for help without lifting your phone

Arlo Safe app and button

Arlo Safe, a new app from the global home security company Arlo, suggests a new way of protecting yourself when out-and-about is on the horizon.

A novel approach to personal security, the Arlo Safe app pairs with a physical panic button of sorts, the Arlo Safe Button, to alert emergency services when you’re in danger. The button is discreet, small enough to fit on a keychain, and made for use when attempting to use a phone might be too dangerous. Upon activation, it’s designed to send first responders to your location, whether it be fire, police, or medical workers.

Some of the suggested scenarios where Arlo Safe might come in handy include when walking out at night, teenagers and children commuting to school, and elderly folk. It’s a potential method for parents to monitor children thanks to a check-in feature. With this, you can establish set locations and receive notifications when family members stray from their journey, plus receive notifications when they arrive safely. In the event danger occurs, the app can quickly message emergency contacts or alert emergency services.

It’s available to download now in the US on Android and iOS devices, so we’ll hopefully hear news soon about a local launch. Overseas, Arlo Safe provides 24/7 live agent emergency support, where people will stay on the line until first responders arrive. Other features include location sharing, safety alerts, and crash detection. For crash detection, the app can assess the impact of a vehicle incident and speed up the process of calling for help – similar to what the latest iPhones do.

With the launch of Arlo Safe, the brand also expanded its subscription offering overseas, including a Safe and Secure Pro plan. This includes all the 24/7 monitoring features of Arlo Safe in addition to the Arlo Secure Plus plan that works with the company’s home security cameras.

Arlo has had a busy recent period, having also announced the multi-sensor-based Arlo Home Security System, along with a big promotion on some of its most popular cameras.

Again, there’s no word yet about when Arlo Safe will arrive here, but it’s an interesting development in the personal and home security space. There are certainly potential use cases for an IoT panic button, as long as all parties using the service are fully consenting and aware of its use.

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