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  1. Is it time for a new printer? I am using a Macbook Pro and recenty my Lexmark Optra E312 has gone “nuts” and won’t print (properly). I’ve tried all sorts of rebooting/forcing like holding buttons, turning on/off etc.
    The thing is it’s capable of putting ink on paper ‘cos it sometimes prints whole pages then will stall completely or print half a page – it seems to be having trouble loading data. The half pages have a code printed on the bottom – I presume some sort of error message. The desktop window will tell me it’s offline when it isn’t. Is this a problem with incompatible drivers for my OSX or some other software issue. I have attempted to download a new driver but I’ve become confused in the process ‘cos it hasn’t worked – although I suspect the driver doesn’t match my 10.5.8 osx.
    Help please – thanks in advance.

  2. I recently purchased a logitech harmony remote 600 and managed to program it so that it switches required devices by a touch of a button. However, it seems to switch to wrong channels for some functions. How do i go about fine tuning it after the initial programming stage?

  3. Travelling to the USA for a 33day cruise could you please give us some ideas on how we can talk to the grand kids.
    I will be taking my 5 year old laptop

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