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  1. Planning to buy the new ASUS Transformer 2 tablet, complete with keyboard, – if it’s now available in Australia. Please may I have your opinion & do you know where I can purchase it. Heading OS in one week.

    Helen Seagrove

    1. Well, the 4G network is essentially just faster downloading at the moment, and that requires a phone with LTE technology, so no. It’s not a software upgrade, but rather a hardware issue. The 4S will still work on Telstra, but it’ll be with 3G/3.5G speeds.

  2. Australians seem so quick to adopt new technologies when it comes to cars and mobile devices – why haven’t we seen such a quick adoption of 3D televisions and Digital Radios?  I personally know one person with a digital radio (and they got it for free) and I don’t know anyone who has purchased a 3D tv!

  3. I like to buy tablets and phones without contract either locally or overseas. What is the total specification that makes a device NextG compatible? What does “compatible” mean? Are their grades of compatibility? We have a Samsung Galxy 7″ Tab which is excellent as an ebook reader butthe lags on keyboard input and the usual annoyances withweb browsing with this size chip makes it not so good as a web browser. We have an ipad 2 which has good qualities as an ereader and a browser but manipulating the weight is a little tiresome especially as an ereader. The glaring solution appears to be a Samsung Galaxy Tab 7.7. Would the specifications of that device contribute to any delay in web browsing or would it be quicker than the normal inherent web latencies?

  4. Enjoyed your chat on ABC radio last night. I am going overseas soon and want to be able to email, Skype, take pics and store, access to maps and internet. What would be the best and cheapest lightweight option for travelling? Tablet, notebook or whatever?
    Ross Gates

  5. I’ve got a flat screen tv indoors but visible outdoors. We would like to hear it outside. What is the cheapest way to do this?

  6. Are the upcoming Ivy Bridge processors a big enough upgrade over the current Sandy Bridge processors to make it worthwhile to delay purchasing a new PC until after they are released?

  7. I am currently with optus mobile and recently discovered it has been using data at early hours of the day when I am asleep. I am talking about 20-200mb. As a result, I will be getting quite large bill. My question is why is my phone suddenly using this much data when it barely went over 100mb in a month?

    1. Check to see if you’ve enabled data roaming or if you’ve told the phone to send you updates for whenever there’s new email, new Facebook updates, and so on. 

      If you have WiFi at home, make sure you’re connected when you’re there to help minimise costs. 

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