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  1. Looking for an amplified antenna so we can receive free to air tv, via Foxtel iq3
    . Wondering whether you might have a recommendation ? Thank you.

  2. i need help with my hp laptop with vista all my icons runs horizontal on the right hand side so now i cannot read my email in full screen  please help

  3. I heard Pete Lazina talking to George & Paul on 2ue today Sunday 30/7/2011. He mentioned an Optus Hub that lets you use your Optus mobile phone through this hub at your home which diverts your calls through the internet allowing you to make national calls for free from your mobile. This device cost 5$ per month if you are already an Optus customer.
    Can you please tell me what this device is called? I would like to get one of these as I am with Optus and would find this device extremely useful.
    Thank you.
    Brett Hill

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