ASUS Eee PC Seashell range of netbook computers

With a design inspired by a seashell, the Eee PC Seashell range, including the 1008HA, 1005HA and 1101HA, is the mobility range for exuding style on-the-go. An opalescent glossy exterior – created through In-Mold Roller technology – not only makes the Eee PC Seashell netbooks real head-turners, but also serves as a protective shell providing scratch resistance for day-to-day durability. An ergonomically designed keyboard makes typing on-the-move a breeze, measuring in at 92% compared to its conventional desktop counterpart, and 10GB of free online Eee Storage allows users to access files anytime, anywhere.

Boasting a slim and lightweight shell-like frame, the svelte Eee PC Seashell’s compact dimensions make it the perfect runabout internet device. Extended battery life is ideal for many fun-filled hours on the road with a single charge, making it a truly perfect all-day entertainment companion. The ASUS Super Hybrid Engine intelligently monitors the programs being used and deploys just the right amount of power required, all the while conserving power by constantly making adjustments between performance and power.

The coup de grâce to the versatility of the Eee PC Seashell are the technological innovations that make it the best companion for the road. A multi-touch track pad allows users to intuitively zoom in or out of pictures via pinching, or navigating up and down pages by sliding along the touchpad. The Eee PC Seashell boasts a 160GB hard disk drive for more-than-ample storage for music, videos and movies, as well as the additional 10GB of complimentary Eee Storage. 802.11b/g/n wireless connectivity allows users to connect to the Internet, as well as keep in touch with family and friends
wherever they are.

Eee PC Seashell 1008HA

Weighing just 1.1 kg and just 1″ in depth, the Eee PC Seashell 1008HA is an ideal mobile device for surfing the Internet, watching videos or keeping in touch with friends and family. It is equipped with a 10-inch display, ergonomically designed keyboard, intelligent energy management system and an intuitive multi-touch touch-pad – enabling users to intuitively zoom in or out of pictures with a simple pinching motion. The opalescent glossy exterior of the 1008HA provides a scratch resistant, protective shell for everyday usage. It is available in white, black, pink, red and blue.


Eee PC Seashell 1005HA

With up to 10 hours battery life, the Eee PC 1005HA allows users to embrace all day computing – never having to worry about low battery life during long haul flights. The 1005HA comes packed with 1.3 megapixel camera and exceptional connectivity so that users can keep in constant contact with loves ones anywhere in the world. With a 10.1-inch LED backlit screen and 160GB storage, users can wind down and enjoy endless movies and music while travelling. It is available in white and black.

Eee PC Seashell 1101HA

Boasting an unparalleled battery life of 11 hours, the Eee PC 1101HA enable users to learn, work and play all day. Equipped with the best of today’s innovations, this sleek, lightweight and hardy netbook offers a large, crisp screen (11.6″ LED-backlit), excellent connectivity on-the-go, and large storage capacities.

Other features

Both the 1005HA and 1101HA models also feature user-replaceable batteries and upgradeable RAM slots and are the first Eee PC netbooks to offer ASUS’ new Eee Docking software, which provides easy access to utilities, software and digital content. Eee Docking and all of its suites (Eee @Vibe, Eee Sharing and Eee Xperience) are easily accessed as the software “docks” to the top of the screen and is semi-hidden when not in use.

Price and availability

All models in the ASUS Seashell range will go on sale at the end of July 2009, at the follow prices:

  • 1008HA – $899
  • 1005HA: $599
  • 1005HA-M: $699
  • 1005HA-H $799
  • 1101HA – $999