Asus enters wearables at IFA with the ZenWatch

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The maker of the PadFone and the FonePad won’t just be doing phones or tablets this year, with watches on the agenda, as well.

The first wearable for Asus looks to be headed to wrists in 2014, and in line with its similarly named notebooks, it will be called the ZenWatch.

Whether or not it will bring zen-like peace to your arm hasn’t yet been said, but what Asus has mentioned is that it will be crafted to be elegant, with curved glass, a touch screen, and just to shake things up, a leather strap as opposed to the rubber and silicone ones we’re so used to seeing in the industry.

“We want to deliver a seamless digital experience for everyone to enjoy,” said Mitch Yang, Vice President of the Asus Design Centre.

“With our ZenWatch, you will always be connected to everything that matters in your life.”

Just like the other smartwatches we’re hearing about at IFA, the Asus ZenWatch will be equipped with Google’s Android Wear, but for Asus will be accompanied by some other features, such as a Find My Phone tool, a Watch Unlock to unlock your smartphone, and a remote camera app.

And similar to others, you can expect some fitness tech inside as well, with a 9 axis sensor and for measuring how your activities are going.

Pricing and availability in Australia isn’t yet confirmed, but once we know more, you can be sure that we’ll pass it on.