Asus gets into desktop gaming with a small-ish machine

The Asus gaming brand “Republic of Gamers” is about to become more than just a brand for fun and flashy laptops, as Asus builds a compact tower made for people to love to game at their desks.

A change from the laptops we normally see from Asus, its latest machine is a rather bright desktop-focused machine for people want to game but might not necessarily have the time, money, or space to build a fully fledged gaming tower.

It’s called the G20, and it’s a relatively small(ish) computer with a desktop styled case that will be left in the vertical position rather than stored flat like regular desktop machines.

Inside the computer is a spec that will suit many a gamer buying games on PC, with a choice of Intel Core i5 or i7 fourth-generation processors (Haswell), 8 to 16GB RAM, a combination of hard drives and solid state drives, a Blu-ray burner, and a 4GB Nvidia GeForce GTX745 graphics card built to handle 4K UHD gaming.

We’re told the machine has a thermal design with some special sauce to make it a friendlier to airflow, meaning there are internal fans to control the heat and a channel to push excess heat out of the computer, making it less likely your computer will collapse under all the intense marathon gaming stress you plan to throw its way.

But it won’t be light, with Asus chiming in that the Asus G20 will measure a little over 6 kilograms, though it will probably feel much heavier when you have to carry it around.

Pricing hasn’t yet been announced yet, but given the specs, we’re expecting around $1200-1500 as a starting point, and a little more if you want to push the specs to benchmark areas with larger SSDs and extra memory.

If you’re keen, you’ll find it in stores shortly across Australia, mostly from Harvey Norman, Bing Lee, and other electronics stores.