Asus hints at both Android, Windows on tablets

One of the better classes of Android tablets may be getting more than just Google’s tablet operating system, as Asus offers up some previews of its next generation of devices ahead of Computex.

The Asus line of Transformer tablet computers may end up being more interesting than the otherwise solid reviews they normally receive, with some small teaser videos released hinting of two major operating systems coexisting on one device.

Ahead of the Computex technology show in Taiwan, the Asus previews (like the one above) suggest that we could be seeing a tablet with both Windows and Android on it in the next few days.

The concept isn’t entirely new, with ViewSonic releasing a tablet capable of running both platforms last year. We haven’t heard amazing reports of that product, however, and would love to see the Transformer range tackle the hybridisation of both Google’s and Microsoft’s major operating systems.