ASUS introduce the N Series range of notebook computers

Introducing the new N Series notebooks from ASUS. The N Series comprises four models that cater to a multitude of users from the hip and trendy to the smart professional, and of course the tech-savvy – N10, N20, N80 and N50.

Designed for optimised mobility, the ASUS N10 is perfect for people always on the go delivering a multi-sensory experience with NVIDIA GeForce 9300M graphics card and Intel Atom processor. Equipped with contemporary technological innovation, the N10 resourcefully preserves energy utilising the highly efficient Super Hybrid Engine (SHE). The SHE consists of the Power4 Gear Hybrid application which allocates power according to users preferences and the Energy Processing Unit (EPU) which accurately detects users power requirements and makes the necessary power adjustments – preserving battery life up to 35%.

On opening, the N10 provides a vivid display with its 10.2 inch monitor and introduces fresh facial recognition technology with SmartLogon. The N10 detects the user’s face and logs on without manual key input or any other intervention. The system is designed to determine variations in the user’s facial features and is capable of performing detection even in different lighting conditions. Furthermore, the N10 features the ASUS exclusive Express Gate operating system enhancing efficiency by granting users instant online access to commonly used applications to surf, chat and play at the touch of a button.

On the outside, the N10 is clad in industrial luster with a sexy silver, brushed metallic look. The exterior encompasses In-Mold Roller technology which creates a scratch-resistant panel that retains its sheen even after prolonged use.

In addition to the N10, the N Series boasts a string of models including the N20, N80 and N50 which also incorporate In-Mold Roller technology and come complete in a dark, sleek industrial package.

N20: Built for heavy usage, the ASUS N20 features a 12.1″ monitor and up to 12 hours* of battery life. Equipped with an Altec Lansing sound system, the N20 provides excellent sound clarity, as well as a highly efficient eSATA hard disk drive housed in a dust and moisture-resistant enclosure. The N20 is a versatile road performer for business and personal entertainment.

N80: Designed specifically for business executives and professionals, the ASUS N80 features a 14.1″ display powered by a standalone NVIDIA GeForce 9 Series graphics card with up to 1 GB of VRAM. Complemented by Dolby Surround decoding, the N50 delivers impressive sound quality that is sure to impress in any business or personal situation.

N50: The pinnacle of mobile computing, the ASUS N50 is top of the N Series range. Designed for intuitive control and user-friendliness, the N50 features a 15.4″ display and multimedia touchpad complete with backlit buttons for instantaneous multimedia enjoyment. And not to blow its own horn, N50 includes a built-in Air Ionizer that not only helps clean the surrounding air of allergens and germs, but also promotes refreshing air-flow and circulation.

The ASUS N Series notebooks are the netbook’s next of kin – positioned between the revolutionary netbook generation and the high grade, fully functional notebook. It is supremely sassy computing.

Pricing and availability

The ASUS N Series notebooks will be available in Australia and New Zealand from November 2008 from selected computer resellers and retailers.


  • N10 from $999
  • N20 from $1,999
  • N50 from $2,299
  • N80 price to be confirmed

Source: ASUS