While we’re sure the shelves at your local electronic or telco store are getting crowded from the amount of names for you to choose from, Asus might be adding its own gear to the line-up, as it announces new phones are coming.

You might know the name Asus from the laptop and tablets out there, as well as the force it is in the desktop computing world, but this year, it feels like the company is going for the jugular in the highly competitive smartphone market, too.

And we’re getting that from the ZenFone range, which this year will consist of two models that aim to deliver button-less edges for one model and a camera-phone with optical zoom for another.

The more premium of the two models appears to be the ZenFone 2, a handset that will boast a 5.5 inch Full HD screen with a curved brush-metal design that tapers to an edge of 3.9mm, though the device isn’t technically that thin altogether.

Regardless, these wafer thin edges won’t really allow for any buttons, and so the ZenFone 2 is doing away with them, borrowing a little inspiration from the LG G2 and G3, and throwing the buttons on the back, with a volume control key on the back where your forefinger would normally rest against, just below the camera.

Inside the smartphone, Asus is calling on an Intel chipset to keep things speedy, with a 64-bit Intel Atom Z3580 working here alongside 4GB RAM, more than enough from what we’ve seen from smartphones in the past, and working with Android, though we’re not clear on exactly what version (we’re guessing 5.0 “Lollipop”).

Gorilla Glass 3 will protect the screen, the camera is set to 13 megapixels on the back, and there’s a 5 megapixel front facing camera, as well as 4G LTE connectivity, two SIMs, and support for 802.11ac, so it’s pretty clear the Asus ZenFone 2 has the specs to take the fight to the competition.