Asus rings in a new design

Those looking to snazzy up their desktop may find satisfaction in the Designo LS246H, an LCD monitor that mates sleek good looks with feel-good eco cred. Asus says the design is inspired by binary numbers and, viewed from the side, the slim straight profile of the LS246H and its hoop-shaped stand does indeed resemble a zero and a one. It’s a look that received a big pat on the head from the judges at the 2009 good Design Awards in Japan.

Face on, the mirror finish of the bezel, the transparent base, and the faint orange hue from the control dial combine to look supper-club smart. The ring stand, however, puts us in mind of the pull cord on the back of Woody, the talking cowboy doll from Toy Story. That’s probably not the association Asus was going for, especially as this feature comes with what the company fancily calls “Ergo-Fit” technology, which just means you can tilt-adjust the screen forward or back with a finger.

Binary inspired or Woody's pull cord? You tell us.
Binary inspired or Woody’s pull cord? You tell us.

In the green stakes, the monitor is manufactured using 50 percent less hazardous materials and uses up 40 percent less power when compared to other LCD monitors, according to Asus. Performance-wise, the 23 inch display provides a 50,000:1 contrast ratio, 2 millisecond response time, a D-sub connector for your PC, plus 1920 x 1080p resolution and a HDMI input for hooking up to a Blu-ray player or HD camcorder. It costs $699.